The Invention Morning is a recurring event, where we come together as a community of inventors and innovators and exchange ideas and insights. At the most recent «Invention Morning» on the 16th of November 2018 we focused on unconventional combinations and how they lead to breakthrough inventions. Together with our guests we looked at how the fusing of different fields of expertise opens up new perspectives and how this leads to revolutionary ideas and novel approaches.

Key takeaways

Combine everything

Why not mix and match different functionalities, emotions and business models with each other. Be playful and adventurous and embrace «combining» as a playground with little to no boundaries.

Embrace other perspectives

Be curious, be imaginative and seek inspiration from other mindsets and approaches.

When stuck at innovating, start to invent by combining

Revolutionize your core business by introducing it to ideas and technologies from other domains and industries.

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