Inventing by Combining November 16th, 2018

On this Invention Morning we explored how the combination of different perspectives and expertises lead to revolutionary new ideas and novel approaches and how this opens up new and exciting business opportunities.


Dr. Patrik Künzler told us his story of how he came about to create the limbic chair. In a very inspiring and entertaining fashion Patrik shared with us how his different stations in life – becoming a doctor, switching to neurology and then working for the car industry – led him to reimagine what the sitting experience could feel like and how all these different insights he gained from this divers set of fields inspired him to create his revolutionary new chair.

Elmar Mock, founder of Creaholic and lifelong inventor and innovator, shared with us his personal experience and expertise regarding creativity and invention, the necessary mindset for inventing by combining and how unconventional combinations led him to unexpected insights and some of his greatest ideas.

IoT - Beyond technology January 30th, 2018

On this Invention Morning we looked at the Internet of Things (IoT) from a slightly different perspective. Technology is great but if it doesn’t create real value for the customer it’s meaningless from a business perspective. Therefore we discussed how to get people excited about the many possibilities IoT has to offer.


Ralf Günther, Head of Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0 at Swisscom, gave us a comprehensive overview of what the Internet of Things really is, what lies behind the hype and where there’s genuine business potential.

Sebastian Mock from Ericson presented us with a fascinating use case of where and how the Internet of Things significantly improve the shipping business.

Thomas Grolp on the other hand gave a compelling presentation on how IoT improved Meier Tobler’s service – the leading service company for climate and heating systems.

Stefan Linder – the Co-Owner and current Chairman of Blausee, the Co-founder and former CEO of the Swiss Economic Forum and Founder of Swiss Innovation Forum – gave us insightful presentation on the overall trends regarding IoT, how it would impact future markets and where there’s significant business potential in the near future.